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Dear Poles and Holders,
Thank you SO much for standing behind your product and your awesome customer service: America needs more people like you
- Mr. Joseph Nilles.

You guys are awesome...what a great company to deal with - TOP NOTCH SERVICE!!!
- Mark K.

I placed my order yesterday and received it today. You people are efficient. I highly recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks again,
- Alan

Thanks again for the excellent product and great customer service.
- Joe H.

Hi Corky,
Once again, I wish to thank you for your incredible customer service. It is much appreciated, and I am sure to tell everyone that comments on my flag pole. As a matter of fact, I know I influenced two of my rally neighbors after an evening discussion, as they both returned the next day with poles from PolesandHolders.com!

Thanks again,
- Kevin

The package arrived today. Thank you for your great service. I will be back as a customer and I have recommended your site to several of my friends. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Thanks again,
- Margie

I received my order (my husband's birthday present!) yesterday. He loves the L.E.D. RV Locater Light, flag pole and hitch mount and can't wait to show it off. Thanks for the fast shipping. You guys are great!!!

Thank you very much for the fast response and great customer service.
I'll make sure to pass on my experience with my friends over on RV.net.

Thanks again,
- Mundos

Dear Corky,
I received my flags on Saturday ad I am very thankful for the fast service. (Ordered on Thurs. AM). I am going to show off my purchases this year in Glamis and I will tell everyone of the great service that I received and about the products you have.

Once again, thank you!

- Bruce V.

Hey there...

You guys have the best customer service ever!! We put up our pole and light and all of our friends were impressed. I gave them your web site and I am sure they will be checking you out real soon.

Again, thank you so much.

- Cassie F.

Thanks for the excellent customer service. That is why I didn't hesitate to buy additional products (2 beacons) from you at the Off Road Expo at Pomona several months ago. We already have your camp locator's so now we are totally set up. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just want to say thank you very much for standing by your product.
Good customer service is hard to find now-a-days. I will definitely spread the word throughout the dunes!

Thanks again,
- Mike H.

Thank you very much for the excellent customer service! I will definitely use/refer you whenever the opportunity presents itself.

- Beau

Outstanding customer service!! You guys rock! and will definitely recommend your products to all of the folks I come across. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and keep up the stellar work.

- Marc

Dear Poles and Holders, We want to thank you for such an amazing product. Our flags look great on top of your poles.

-Don S.

Thank you. I appreciate it and my husband is excited! I will definitely share your company with our camping family & friends. Happy Holidays.

-Jaimie A

Really fast service! Doesn't get any Better! Thank you.

-Tim D.

Just wanted to thank you guys for the excellent customer service, I heard about you from a friend and we was right, you guys rock!

-Bill D.

You guys are awesome! I ordered my second pole (I gave the last one away when I sold my trailer) at noon and by the time I woke up the next morning it was sitting on my front porch with the extra flag I wanted. Great customer service and great product.

-Chris T.

Great Service and great product. I was pleasantly surprised to take delivery only a couple days after the order was placed. Wow... thank you.

-Rich M.

I have your 22ft. and love it. You have a great product and your pricing-- especially on flags-- is incredibly low.

-Don in NC

I want to thank Corky for his excellent customer service he provided just recently. With this type or service I will highly recommend your products to friends with confidence. I hope to see your booths at upcoming events.

-Loren D.

Thank you for a great product, I passed out two flyers to people at the LV Motor Speedway, simply the best flagpole on the market for Nascar fans.

-Brady N. Utah

I can't tell you how rewarding it is to know that companies such as yours still stand behind their products. I will continue to recommend your products based on your commitment to customer satisfaction.

-Jack W.

Such a fast turn around. The American flag was a great surprise, thank you. Please put me on your repeat satisfied customer list! This pole is so much prettier & sturdier than the ol green monster.

- Thom J.

I ordered a 22' over the weekend. It arrived very quickly (just a few days!) it's of excellent quiality and is already set up on my motorhome. Great product-good job.

-Vince S.

Just wantd to say thank you! In an internet wold filled with poor customer service, you shine brightly! Thanks for being accurate, prompt, adn fun to do business with! -Bruce.

- Marc

Man, that was quick. Only took 2 days to deliver the pole and hitch adapter. I can't wait to show off at Las Vegas Speedway. You guys are great! -Kelley W.

- Marc

This pole, light, and flags held up to 60mph winds at the track camp!!! I am talking all night and half the next day and never missed a beat!!! Thanks again for the awesome service and bad A$$ products -Arthur B..

- Marc


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